Machiya Inn Cuisine

Overview of Meal Services

Omihachiman’s Local Cuisine

Machiya Inn began as an outgrowth of a local community project, so we are aware and very supportive of our local area merchants, artisans and restaurateurs. Hence rather than providing full in-house meal services, we’ve made a system to provide meals for our guests from some of the best nearby establishments of local cuisine.

When reserving a room online, if you would also like to include a meal(s) with your reservation, please be sure to ask either at the time of reservation, or via direct email request (at least 1 day before check-in).

We can also accommodate dietary restricitons questions or requests if you make sure to tell us in advance, either when reserving, or via email to

Hisago Zushi: “The Morning of Omi” breakfast

Meal Providers

Hisago Zushi

The well-established Hisago Zushi specializes in Japanese cuisine focusing on the delicacies of Lake Biwa’s freshwater ecosystem. Specialty dishes incorporate Lake Biwa’s local trout, “biwa-masu,” as well as local versions of standard classic sushi and washoku dishes. Local Omi Region sake and shochu are also available.

Address: 213-3 Sakuramiya-cho Omihachiman 523-0893

Other Meal Option

For information about local area dining, please feel free to ask us. We have maps of the nearby cafes and restaurants.