Machiya Inn Cuisine

Meal Service Overview

Showcasing Local Cuisine

Machiya Inn began as an outgrowth of a local community project, so we are aware and very supportive of our local area merchants, artisans and restaurateurs. Hence, rather than providing full in-house meal services, we offer a meal service system for our guests via partnership with some of the best local cuisine establishments nearby.

When reserving a room online, you will see various meal options that correspond with our partnered local meal providers.

We can also accommodate dietary restricitons questions or requests if you make sure to tell us in advance, either when reserving, or via email to

“The Morning of Omi” breakfast prepared by Hisago Zushi.

Meal Providers

Hisago Zushi

The well-established Hisago Zushi specializes in Japanese cuisine focusing on the delicacies of Lake Biwa’s freshwater ecosystem. Specialty dishes incorporate Lake Biwa’s local trout, “biwa-masu,” as well as local versions of standard classic sushi and washoku dishes. Local Omi Region sake and shochu are also available.

Address: 213-3 Sakuramiya-cho Omihachiman 523-0893

More meal providers coming soon.

We are already partnered with a handful of local neighborhood restaurants, and will be adding more details and photos very soon. Guests are also welcome to dine out at these or other local establishments; we’re happy to provide suggestions!