Our name, Machiya Inn Omihachiman, has been changed to Machiya Club – Culture & Stay, Omihachiman.

Relax and Enjoy
Local Life & Tradition

Classic Style & Modern Comfort

Welcome to Machiya Club – Culture & Stay, Omihachiman, a cozy inn in the heart of Omihachiman City’s historic downtown district. Our town and the inn itself both have rich histories that we invite you to explore at your leisure!


A machiya is a traditional Japanese townhouse. Our newly restored house is from the late Edo period, originally part of a sake brewery, and our area has many such historic structures.


The seasonal cuisine of local Omihachiman is a treat that you’ll only find around Shiga’s freshwater ecosystem of Lake Biwa. We offer a selection of local cuisine for dine-in meal options.

Art & Culture

Stay and enojoy the culure of our region. We display works of local contemporary artists around our facilities, as well as supporting traditional artists and craftspeople.

A Look Inside

  • Machiya Club Facilities

    Machiya Club – Culture & Stay, Omihachiman consists of our main facility as well as a second annex location. The main facility is a historic machiya style building which was once an Edo-period sake brewery, and is now newly renovated. It features two guestrooms, a common living room, kitchen, shared restroom and wash basin on each floor, two shared baths and one shower room on the first floor, (and one room on the second floor).

    Our 1st Floor includes a common room, communal kitchen, bath and shower rooms, toilet, and 2 guest rooms. The 2nd Floor includes one guest room and a half bath (toilet and wash basin). Machiya Club’s three guest rooms share common bath, toilet, and kitchen, all of which were newly remodeled in 2016.

    The annex space, called Kolmio, is also a recently remodeled traditional building featuring two suite rooms. These two duplex style rooms are each equipped with full restrooms and baths, perfect for guests who prefer a more private space for relaxation. A self-service drink counter is available here on the first floor.

    Wi-Fi is freely available throughout the Inn.

    Check-in between 3pm and 6pm, and check-out is 10am.

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Machiya Club Guest Rooms

Hachiman-no-ma (Tatami Room with Private Bath, Main Buildiing)

Large, traditional 14 mat “kyoma” tatami room. Recommended for up to 6 guests. Opposite ends of the room both open out to our private gardens.

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Azuchi-no-ma (Duplex Room with Private Bath, Main Building)

2nd floor loft bedroom in the traditional architectural style called zushi-nikai with ceiling sloping down toward the street. Fairly large room sleeps up to 4 people with two twin beds and two sofa beds.

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Kura-no-ma, Annex Kolmio (Duplex Room with Private Bath)

This historic kura warehouse, built more than 100 years ago, has been converted into a cozy suite, featuring a twin bedroom on the second floor, and full private bathroom on the first. Sleeps 2 guests maximum.

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Hanare-no-ma, Annex Kolmio (Duplex Suite Room with Private Bath)

Suite room housed in a renovated machiya style building. The first floor includes a living room and private bathroom, and the bedroom is on the second floor. Sleeps 5 guests maximum.

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Where We Are

Omihachiman City

photo courtesy of Omihachiman Tourism Association

We are located in the heart of this beautifully preserved Edo period historic merchant district that is a popular tourist destination. The town is still very much alive as many of the traditional buildings now hold cafes, small museums or other arts, crafts, and souvenir shops. Local events and festivals also include the Biwako Bienalle, a biannual contemporary art exhibition with installations integrated into the neighborhood buildings, as well as several local traditional festivals often centered at the nearby Himure Hachimangu Shrine. We’re also a great central location for other sights around Shiga, and less than an hour by train to Kyoto. Shiga offers a great mix of historical attractions and simple down to earth culture.


Access and Directions

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